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Guided experiences at Saivaara Cottages

Guided experiences at Saivaara Cottages

Kilpisjärvi and Käsivarsi Wilderness are a treasure chest waiting to be discovered by you

Käsivarsi Wilderness is the untamed region which borders the village of Kilpisjärvi. It is home for treeless summits, the highest peaks of Finland, intact natural landscapes, freely roaming reindeer, fine fishing waters and challenging hiking trails. Find out more at Finnish National Parks. 

Join Saivaara Cottages guided experiences to explore Kilpisjärvi and Käsivarsi Wilderness

We live and breathe the great outdoors at Saivaara Cottages and we want to share our nature's wonders with you, our guest.  

We'll take you fishing on lakes and on the riverside in summer and fall. We'll go hunting for ptarmigan with you in winter. We'll show you the best vantage points for a Northern Lights chase during the Aurora season.  We'll organize transfers across the frozen tundra so you can reach the best winter fishing waters, backcountry ski slopes and cross-country trails. We'll conquer Mt. Halti, the highest peak of Finland, with you in spring.

When you book your accommodations, please drop us a few lines and share your interests. We'll be happy to customize a program for you in collaboration with other guided service providers in the village.

Saivaara Cottages in cooperation with Metsähallitus

Saivaara Cottages is a co-operating partner with Metsähallitus, which manages and protects the state-owned Käsivarsi wilderness. Saivaara Cottages is commited to observe the principles of sustainable tourism in the wilderness area. As cooperating partners our goal is to ensure the sustainability of tourism in the sensitive Arctic nature of Käsivarsi Wilderness and to provide quality service to our guests.

Welcome to Saivaara Cottages to experience the Arctic nature
of Kilpisjärvi and Käsivarsi Wilderness!