Merchant: Saivaara Mökit Oy
Corporate Code 2917869-7

Harjuntie 21, FI-99490 Kilpisjärvi

General information

These terms and conditions apply to bookings at Saivaara Mökit Oy, hereafter referred to as Saivaara Cottages. These terms form a binding contract between you, the Customer, and Saivaara Cottages, the Merchant, and they are in effect as soon as a booking is made.

By making a booking the Customer agrees to observe these terms as well as the instructions and house rules during the stay at Saivaara Cottages. These terms apply to all bookings regardless of which channel is used for making a reservation (Saivaara Cottages online reservation system,, e-mail, phone conversation, personal meeting).

The booking and payment terms apply primarily to reservations for 1 - 7 nights. Reservations for longer periods are subject to specific terms which are estaliblished at the time the booking is made.

The personal information you provide to Saivaara Cottages will be handled confidentially and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

How to book accommodations at Saivaara Cottages

Please make your booking at Saivaara Cottages online reservation system (Johku).

The Customer must be at least 18 years of age. Minors and children are welcome to stay at Saivaara Cottages provided they are accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

All Saivaara Cottages are pet friendly. If you plan to bring your pet, please note that a surcharge according to the current price list is applied to each pet. Kindly book your pet’s stay at the time you make the booking for your own accommodations.


All prices include Value Added Tax. The accommodations prices do not include bed linen. Bed linen is available for rent at a supplemental cost. Please book this optional service at the same time you make the reservation for accommodations.

Saivaara Cottages may occasionally offer discounted accommodations prices and are not committed to publish such discount offers in advance.

The right is withheld to revise prices as deemed necessary.


Your booking is confirmed upon the receipt of full payment. The payment is made upon completing the booking process using the payment options offered by our transaction company VismaPay.

Invoicing is at the exclusive use of companies registered in Finland and requires a contract with Saivaara Cottages.

A delayed payment results in the automatic cancellation of the booking.

Cancellation terms

If you need to cancel your booking, please send us your cancellation notice in writing. We consider the booking cancelled on the date the information thereof is received.

  • If you cancel your booking up to 22 days prior to scheduled arrival date, no cancellation fees will be applied.

  • Cancellation 21 – 0 days before scheduled arrival is charged in full, in other words, no refund is made.

Please note that if you make a change to your reservation, such as a change of dates or duration of the stay, the above outlined cancellation policy is applied to the original booking.

If you have booked accommodations at a discounted rate, no refund will be made in case of cancellation.

We urge you to verify that your travel insurance covers charges for cancellation fees which arise out of illness or accident or an interruption of your stay.

Saivaara Cottages withholds the right to cancel a booking in the case of Force Majeure or as a result of any insurmountable obstacle. In such cases the responsibility of Saivaara Cottages is limited to refunding the Customer’s payment for accommodations and supplementary services.

Staying at Saivaara Cottages

Our check-in time is 16:00 (4 PM) and check-out time is 12:00 (12 Noon).

Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited in Saivaara Cottages. If a customer smokes indoors in the accommodations unit, we have to charge an additional cleaning and disinfection fee at the rate of € 50 / hour and the actual time spent in the cleaning process.

The basic departure day cleaning is included in our rental prices. The following procedures are, however, the Customer’s responsibility to be taken care of on departure day.

  • Remove all trash and take it to the garbage bin outdoors

  • Take away all food and beverage which you brought with you

  • Collect all bottles and cans in a plastic bag and leave them outside the front door or take them with you to be recycled

  • Return clean dishes to the cupboard and place dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn on the machine

  • Rearrange all furniture and other items as you found them on arrival

  • Strip the beds and arrange all rental linen in a neat pile

  • Remove all evidence of your pet’s stay from the accommodations unit on departure day, including any stains and animal hair. Remove animal droppings from the outdoor area as soon as they appear. 

If you wish to spend a carefree last day at Saivaara Cottages, you can book a thorough final cleaning service at a supplemental cost of € 120. We then take care of the above departure day procedures on your behalf.

We, however, expect that the accommodations unit is in a tidy condition, according to normal and accepted housekeeping practices, at your departure. Do note that removal of human and animal waste and secretion indoors and outdoors is not part of our services but remain the renting customer's responsibility.

We regret, but if we need to take care of cleaning procedures which we consider over and above the norm, we will charge you for the time spent on cleaning and disinfection at the rate of € 50 / hour,

Kindly note that Saivaara Cottages do not accept responsibility for the Customer’s personal items in the accommodations unit.

Kindly observe the quiet time between 23:00 (11 PM) and 07:00 (7 AM) in respect of other Saivaara guests and our neighbors.

Saivaara Cottages withholds the right to demand a deposit in the amount of € 500 to cover for potential damages.

Damages and reclamations

Please bear in mind that the Customer who made the booking is responsible for damages in the accommodations unit even if they are caused by another member of his/her party.

Kindly report any damage to us immediately so that we can assess the cost and start with necessary repairs. Please be aware that serious damage may result in us having to close down the unit and you end up being responsible for our loss of revenue during the closing period.

If you find anything missing or out of order in the accommodation unit, please let us know right away so that we can take care of the problem. We cannot take into consideration reclamations made after your stay.

Disputes and applicable legislation

Should there be a dispute between Saivaara Cottages and the Customer we will make every effort to settle it by negotiation to the satisfaction of both parties. If we cannot reach an agreement, the issue is resolved in accordance with Finnish legislation in the District Court of Lapland.

These terms are in effect as of June 1, 2022.