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Kilpisjärvi in Arctic Lapland for a holiday around the year

Kilpisjärvi in Arctic Lapland for a holiday around the year

Kilpisjärvi offers an abundance of things to do and places to see during the eight Arctic seasons

Constantly changing seasons set the pace for life in Kilpisjärvi. While we have four distinct seasons here – summer, fall, winter and spring – each blends into the next creating a yearly cycle of eight seasons.

Pick your favorite, come and explore - and come back again to experience another. There is an abundance of things to do and places to see in and around Kilpisjärvi at any time of the year.

Nightless nights and colorful sights in summer and fall

Summer springs to life around the middle of June in Kilpisjärvi. Now you can bask in the Midnight sun, revel in the beauty of Arctic wildflowers which burst into full bloom in July and enjoy refreshing cool weather and summer rain.

August brings in darkening nights and the first Northern Lights appear to illuminate the night sky. In early September nature offers a final celebration of color during a fleetingly short autumn foliage.

Later in September temperatures turn chilly and strip the birch trees bare of leaves. Winter starts creeping into the village.

The magic of late autumn and Polar Night

Late autumn offers fascinating nature observation. Spectacular storms, delightful sunshine, frosty landscapes and Mother Nature’s greatest light show, Aurora Borealis, are frequent visitors in October and November. Permanent snow and ice coat the village and the wilderness.

The enchanting Polar Night begins in late November. The sun dips below the horizon, not to be seen again for several weeks. The few hours of daily light create a feast for the eye with amazing blue- and pink-tinged colors.

Kilpisjärvi winter's tale

The Polar Night retreats in the middle of January and light flows back to the village at a brisk pace. Winter in Kilpisjärvi is made of moonlit nights, star-studded skies, dancing Northern Lights and glittering sunshine, taking turns with whipping winds and heavy snowfall. Each winter day turns into an adventure in Arctic Lapland.

Spring paves the way to Arctic summer

Arctic winter starts to lose its grip in April. Temperatures rise, sunlight increases, Northern Lights fade way. The snow season is over in May when lakes thaw and rivers flow. The sun is high and the white nights begin again. Nature is in haste to renew itself, hurriedly turning lush and green. Arctic summer is around the corner and Kilpisjärvi is buzzing with new life.

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the eight seasons of Kilpisjärvi at Saivaara Cottages