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Kilpisjärvi and Saivaara Cottages for remote work in Arctic Lapland

Remote work in the remote northwestern corner of Arctic Lapland

Choose Kilpisjärvi as your next remote work destination and immerse yourself in authentic nature experiences in your free hours. Encounter Northern Lights and magnificent moonlit nights, sun-drenched days and the fierce beauty of stormy weather. 

Saivaara Cottages, your home office away from home

Saivaara Cottages in Kilpisjärvi welcomes you to establish your home office in cozy well-equipped accommodations. Each cottage is situated within a walking distance from Kilpisjärvi village center and surrounded by Arctic Lapland's wonderful nature.

A wealth of outdoor activities wait for you to fill your free hours in Kilpisjärvi - choose your own paths or let us take you on a guided tour.

Welcome to Saivaara Cottages
and the panoramic landscapes
of Kilpisjärvi in Arctic Lapland!