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Book the final cleaning service and spend a carefree departure day

Spend a carefree departure day at Saivaara Cottages

Departure day cleaning is included in our rental prices. We, however, expect you as the Customer to take care of certain cleaning procedures which are not included in this service. Please see them in the list below.  If you wish to spend a leisurely and careful last day, book our thourough final cleaning service.

Our thorough final cleaning service includes the following procedures

  • Removal of all trash 

  • Removal of all food and beverage items which are left on the premises

  • Removal and recycling of all bottles and cans which are left on the premises

  • Washing the dishes and rearranging them in the cupboards

  • Rearrangement of all furniture and other items to their appropriate places

  • Stripping the beds of rental linen

  • Removal of your pets' animal hair from the accommodations unit 

The listed procedures are not part of the departure day cleaning which is included in the rental price. These are the responsibility of you,  the Customer, unless you book the thorough final cleaning service.

Please note that in each case we expect the cottage to be left in a state which is in accordance with normal and acceptable housekeeping practice. Removal and disinfection of human and animal waste and secretion indoors and outdoors is not part of our service. Please remove animal droppings from the outdoor area as soon as 

Price and bookings for a carefree departure day cleaning service

The thorough final day cleaning service costs 20 € / cottage. Kindly make your booking at the time you reserve the accommodations.